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Midwest has three community centers in close proximity located in the heart of Wayne County in Wooster, Ohio. Each center offers its own unique opportunities and the individuals that are involved in these programs are able to participate in activities, programs and services that are offered in all of the centers.

At the Enterprise 1 Center, we focus on vocational skills, life skills, social skills and community integration. We offer a variety of experiences daily which include but are not limited to the following: cooking classes, computer and resume training, volunteering in the community, community outings, on site group activities and work opportunities such as crafting, packaging, cleaning, painting and creating art.

We here at the Enterprise 2 Center, are very excited about the services we offer. While handling many challenging situations, we always assure that everyone leaves our building with a smile and feeling loved. Throughout the day, we offer various life skill activities as well as opportunities of paid work options such as rolling newspapers, shredding, cleaning, counting and rolling coins, and other various community centered work that have vocational opportunities for the individuals we serve. We are also involved with community outreach projects with local churches. One of our favorite things to do is visit various schools. We share our special abilities with the students and include them in our agendas using our special blend of creativity and unique touch. We feel as though we are building a bridge as well as friendships. The hope is to eventually help them transition into a program with people they already know and love.

Over at the Enterprise 3 Center, we have a wonderful candy production crew that does very well! We have several people who love to help make, package and label the candy. We make a wide variety of sweet treats ranging from puppy chow to chocolate covered pretzels to rice crispy treats. Our individuals have the opportunity to take these products to different businesses and locations to restock and collect the money from the items sold. We also have several other jobs to offer such as making fire starters, providing lawn care crews, and we have recently started volunteering at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. In addition to the various jobs, we also offer vocational training such as money counting, reading groups, and a science club. Enterprise 3 strives to keep everyone involved and offer a variety of different activities.



1660 Enterprise Pkwy.
Suites B, C, and H
Wooster, Ohio 44691


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Ami Todd




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The Midwest Family is committed to supporting people to lead the life they choose. Our mission is to create meaningful life experiences for each person in a manner that encourages enriching choices and independence to the greatest degree. We accomplish this mission by creating a family-oriented environment that supports the hopes and dreams of those we support.

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