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Committed to being a valued asset to our community.

Midwest Community

Our mission is to provide person-centered, community-based supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who choose our services.  We maintain open lines of communication with those we serve and their families.  We provide opportunities for people to establish nurturing relationships.  We strive to be more than a provider of services; we are committed to being a valued asset to our community and to the people we serve.

Family Owned

Joe and Kristine Knetzer founded Midwest Community Services and its' sister companies in 2000 in order to provide superior supports to persons with intellectual and development disabilities. Midwest believes that families in need of support services should be treated like family, and strive to incorporate that practice at every level of their infrastructure.

Community Integrated

We strive each day to be an active part of our community. There are daily opportunities to serve, explore, and enhance local businesses and organizations.

Discovering Your Potential

Midwest prides itself in offering a wide range of opportunities and activities at each of our conveniently located Day Service locations. Each individual we serve has unique interests and we believe it is our responsibility to facilitate and encourage those interests. Our mission is enhancing the daily experience of all of the people we serve, and helping them to discover their value to each other and the community.

At Midwest Community we know that in order to have the fullest life, the people who attend our programs need the opportunity to grow in multiple areas. By providing experiences in vocational skills, recreation, and community integration each person finds the best possible way to express their value to those around them.


The sky is the limit when it comes to having fun at Midwest Community. We take the hopes and dreams of the people we serve and try to make them come true.


At Midwest, people have the opportunity to interact with members of the community every day. Wherever there is an event in the community, be it a craft show, chamber of commerce, rotary meeting, or service project, we try to contribute as much as we can.

Vocational Skills

Everyone who attends our program is encouraged to gain vocational skills to help them accomplish their goals.

Midwest Community Centers

Midwest Community has several centers across Northeast Ohio. For contact information and map directions, select a Midwest Community Center from the list or map below.

Ashland Community Center

Ashland, Ohio

Brook Park Community Center

Brook Park, Ohio

Coshocton Community Center

Cochocton, Ohio

Millersburg Community Center

Millersburg, Ohio

Zanesville Community Center

Zanesville, Ohio

3 Companies, 1 Mission

The Midwest Family is committed to supporting people to lead the life they choose. Our mission is to create meaningful life experiences for each person in a manner that encourages enriching choices and independence to the greatest degree. We accomplish this mission by creating a family-oriented environment that supports the hopes and dreams of those we support.

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